Open House

Open House


Aug 15, 2020




An easy to maintain central website for volunteer event based organizations.

I first started this project as an internal resource for my high school’s NHS chapter, however it quickly grew into a much larger and more capable project that I felt could be helpful if made available to other clubs.

I started the project over winter break and got most of the core features finished then. I then took a break for the second semester to focus on my Short Time Fourier Transform WWDC20 Scholarship entry and Linkr. By the time that I got back to working on it, it was very clear that the way the club operates would be vastly different due to COVID-19. Those changes affected how the site turned out because features such as enforced maximum participants suddenly became very important.

If I was to rebuild this project, I would probably use a regular SQL database instead of firebase like I did with Linkr. Since I did not initially plan to make the site available to the public, I did not factor setup cost into my decisions for the stack. A quick glance comparing the readmes of Linkr vs Open House shows the hassle using firebase adds to setting up an individual instance, even if it simplifies the code itself.